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We are a family business all the way through. It has always been very relaxed and fun with us. We cherish the good, traditional things, but we are also open to new anecdotes. We love what we do, and the daily life in the hotel always inspires us. This is how creative situations, delicacies and moments arise, that cannot be planned. Our dear guests contribute significantly to the atmosphere, every day is new and different. Unpredictability always holds the chance to be surprised in a positive way.
We want to offer a place that brings people together and provides a homey atmosphere with love and care. In the past, some people, even well-known ones, have found their way to our hotel. What happened then can be read in the pdf of the Spessartstubenpost. Let us contribute together for more stories in yet another issue of our magazine. We are looking forward to you.

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