For those of you who have a special occasion to celebrate, such as a wedding anniversary, birthday, holiday, anniversary or yet another festivity, we are the perfect place.
We will gladly reserve and decorate a beautiful table for you, arrange a wonderful meal and serve you and your loved ones…
…and you will enjoy culinary moments, released from everyday life. In autumn and winter perhaps on one of our corner benches or perhaps also at the tiled stove will be the perfect place. In summer we also gladly serve you on our cozy terrace outdoors.

Places for excursions

In our wonderful region you will find a variety of beautiful destinations for excursions that will enrich vacation or weekend trip.
Starting with the landmark of the Spessart, the Mespelbrunn Castle all the way over to Wertheim with its landmark, the Angel Fountain and its massive castle ruins.
If you don’t need it quite so historic and prefer shopping, Wertheim Village is the place to visit.
Cities like Frankfurt, Würzburg or Darmstadt are within easy reach.
Aschaffenburg, with its museums and Johannisburg Castle, also has a lot to offer, both historically and in terms of just city stroll and window shopping potential.
Feel free to ask us about the many local sights, we will be happy to provide information about the beautiful parks of Schönbusch, Schöntal and Pompejanum.
The historic town of Lohr, which received its town charter in 1333, is considered a fairytale gateway to the Spessart. Sights include the Bavarian Tower, the town hall from 1602, the Kurmainzer Castle and numerous half-timbered houses in the core of the town and in the historic fishermen’s quarter.
In the former Kurmainz Castle in Lohr, the Spessart Museum invites visitors to take an exciting journey through the past and present of one of the largest contiguous deciduous forest areas in Germany. Also on display is the talking mirror from the fairy tale of Snow White.
As a town of now seven healing springs, Bad Brückenau has been one of the most popular spas in Franconia for more than 250 years. Visit the magnificent spa complex outside the town with its Kursaal building, guest houses and hotels from the time of princes and monarchs, where especially the Bavarian King Ludwig I liked to stay.

Miltenberg is considered the most beautiful half-timbered town in Lower Franconia, with the particularly idyllic-looking old town region at the Schnatterloch and the landmark Würzburger Tor.
You have not yet been able to find the right idea for your excursion? Then please feel free to contact us, there are no limits to your imagination.
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Gift certificates and Special offers

Whether “just because” or for a special occasion. Our creative gift certificates enjoy wide popularity. With a lot of imagination, we always find the right offer for your event. You want to surprise someone, propose, congratulate on a birthday, get married or just treat someone to something nice? We are at your disposal to create your personal gift certificate for that unique and special moment. We will put together suitable ideas, decorations and menus to create unforgettable, wonderful memories. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to it.


We are a family business all the way through. It has always been very relaxed and fun with us. We cherish the good, traditional things, but we are also open to new anecdotes. We love what we do, and the daily life in the hotel always inspires us. This is how creative situations, delicacies and moments arise, that cannot be planned. Our dear guests contribute significantly to the atmosphere, every day is new and different. Unpredictability always holds the chance to be surprised in a positive way.
We want to offer a place that brings people together and provides a homey atmosphere with love and care. In the past, some people, even well-known ones, have found their way to our hotel. What happened then can be read in the pdf of the Spessartstubenpost. Let us contribute together for more stories in yet another issue of our magazine. We are looking forward to you.